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opinion letters

Procedural Fairness Letters

Procedural fairness letters are correspondence initiated by the Canadian immigration authorities to applicants who have made an application for permanent residence status, for sponsorship, for a study permit or any other number of applications. These letters are a request for information or document required to process your application. They may also seek clarification on previous answers, request proof of supporting documents, or ask for additional documentation.

The purpose of these letters is to ensure that the immigration process is carried out in a fair and transparent manner. It ensures that all applicants are given the opportunity to provide additional information that may assist the immigration officer in making a decision on the application. If you receive a procedural fairness letter, it is important to respond promptly, providing all the requested information, documents, and submissions.

Failure to do so can result in delays or even refusal of the application. If you are unsure about what is being requested of you, it is recommended we can assist you to understand the process, and advise on what steps you need to take to respond appropriately to the letter, ultimately helping to improve your chances of a successful application.

Opinion Letters on Criminal charges and convictions

Immigration law and criminal law are two different areas of law that may intersect in certain circumstances, making it difficult to navigate without the proper expertise. Opinion Letters from Immigration Lawyers are often required to explain how one’s criminal charge or conviction will affect one’s immigration status.

A criminal conviction or charge may affect an individual’s immigration status, depending on the severity of the offence and the provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (“IRPA”) and the Criminal Code of Canada. An immigration lawyer in Toronto can provide a legal opinion explaining how the criminal charge or conviction affects your immigration status.

For instance, certain criminal convictions may render an individual inadmissible to Canada, which means that they will be ineligible for permanent residency or even temporary residency in Canada. In such cases, it’s important to carefully review the facts of the case and determine whether the criminal conviction falls under the categories of inadmissibility listed under the IRPA.

For instance, certain convictions may result in the revocation of an individual’s permanent residency status or prevent them from becoming eligible for citizenship. Writing a legal opinion on how a criminal charge or conviction may affect one’s immigration status may help dictate how your criminal lawyer proceeds with the charge against you. We have the right expertise and can guide our clients through these challenging situations and help them to navigate the complexities of Canada’s immigration system.

opinion letters on divorces

Opinion Letters on Divorces

Another type of Opinion Letter is required for some foreign divorces to be recognized in Canada so that a person can remarry. An opinion letter in this context is a legal document that outlines the lawyer’s professional opinion on the validity and enforceability of your foreign divorce in Canada.

This document is often necessary to provide clarity and reassurance to government agencies, employers, and other organizations that require proof of a person’s marital status. To obtain an opinion letter, it’s important to consult with a lawyer who has experience in dealing with foreign divorces. We will be able to review the relevant documentation, assess the validity of the divorce, and provide a written opinion on its recognition in Canada.